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The majority of the people plays just to get the trophy, especially there is some kind of trophy like "leave a comment on a level you've already played". So trophy hunter just leave useless review on team picks level ( because they only play team picked level). I would advice you just to take care about the review from the part of the LBP communty who really creates. Otherwise it make no sense.

But let's get back to the subject of the thread.
Here are the different points we wanted to develop:

That's a point we didn't made already!!!

I have the feeling that there is an increase of tutorial. that's a good point

I think i made my part of the job on that point

We still have to work on it.
Couldn't agree more gipsy, let's get back to 'suggestions'

I still believe that we should continue with the Beginners Level Tutorials, explaining in depth how to build simple objects, full explanations of logic etc.
I realise we're all busy but, especially experienced creators, should be able to bring their considerable knowledge to help those struggling with their first levels.