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    Default How to Make the "Taking Away" Effect From A Tornado

    Tutorial: How to Make the "Taking Away" Effect From A Tornado

    1. First make a Tornado with the effects emitter on Force Field material. You can also add sound and tree leaf effects on the ground.

    2. On each spawn point in your level, place a microchip (located in the logic section of your popit).

    3. On the chip, place a Tag Sensor (located in the logic section of your popit) and connect it to a Kart Handling Tweaker (located in the logic section of your popit). Just set the Kart Handling Tweaker on autopilot.

    4. Then you have to draw a portion of the track which makes one or two up-going (rising) loops kind of like a spiral. Place the Force Field Material as near as possible under the original road. Then make the road disappear with the paintbrush.

    5. You must now add a tag all along your road on the Force Field Material:

    As well as way-points and shortcuts all along the road, too:

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    Awesome job! Thank you for making this!


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    Very cool! I'll need to find a reason to put something like this into one of my levels. Nice tutorial.

    Also, an example of this technique is done in gipsy's track Tornado Apocalyspe.

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