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    Default How to Make a Kart Transformation During the Track

    How to Make a Kart Transformation During the Track

    1. Build your custom kart and place the chassis below it.
    And eventually the binacle if you need it.

    Note: Make sure your custom kart is small enough before you place both the chassis and the binnacle, otherwise it won't work when you play the level!

    Save your custom kart in your popit (first column, second line).

    2. On each spawn point, put a tag sensor linked to a kart transformator .

    In your kart transformator, select your custom kart.

    On the tag sensor, you must adapt the radius signal of the zone the tag will be detected (most of the time, it must be the same radius signal width as the road).

    3. In the section of your track where you want a kart transformation, place tags, all along the section.

    Note: If your road is built with a material, just put the tags on it. If not, you can put Force Field material linked to a piston set to 0.1 second (min) and pause 600s (max). It will allow the kart to go through the material, like it was not here.

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