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    Default Basilisk Bog (Spotlighted + Pics)

    Well, I've finally finished my second level, Basilisk Bog. I almost gave up on it after half the stage just randomly fell apart and I, unaware that had happen, saved it and exited to the Pod. Thankfully, after cooling off a bit, I decided to rebuild and have completed the level. Originally, I had planned to focus on more puzzle aspects, but as I started developing the level, my focus went toward my first attempt at a final boss. I think, for the most part, it turned out pretty well. I look forward to your thoughts.

    F4F: I'm going to try and do as many as possible. I will be unable to play a majority of this weekend, but I will play your level asap. No worries!

    PSN ID: mrsupercomputer
    Level: Basilisk Bog
    Description: Basilisks have attacked a local settlement and kidnapped two villagers! Journey across the treacherous swamp and descend into the basilisk's lair to save the villagers from the Basilisk King!

    And, once again, forgive the quality of my pics as I've had to rely on my digital camera for them.

    I wasn't sure if some would consider pictures of a boss a spoiler, so just in case:

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