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    Default Jorth And Fortress V By RONALDOSA2012

    Hi Sackpeople,
    Last Evening,i was playing some levels At random and i found these two Sci-Fi Levels By RONALDOSA2012.
    while I was playing them,i felt like i was playing not a simple level but a Real Game.
    though in Some Parts the Backgrounds and graphics may seem a little bit simple,the story is really interesting and full of nice puzzles,bizzare creatures,nice cinematics clips,boss and a unusual,original and creative style.
    The Effort The creator put in these two works,was really impressive.they could be like a entire game.

    JORTH™: Journey to the hell

    Atm Is my favourite,cause the most intriguing story and the graphics/details/puzzles.

    But i m sure

    FORTRESS V - The Minetron Virus

    With Its 7 Chapters! and a total of 7 Sublevels,is going to reveal a lot of Surprises inside it.
    Very appreciated its menu with a lot of interesting options,but especially for the very useful option to save the game progresses so to continue it a bit at time.
    Indispensable for a game so incredibly long.
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