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    I was just thinking, it would be awesome if there was a tool where you choose your font and choose the colour of your text, type your words in and then apply it as a sticker.
    It would be much easier than using the individual text stickers because it would save alot of time.

    What do you think?

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    Fantastic idea! The letters we were given as stickers are flat out UGLY (imho), nevermind that we don't even have a complet alphabet in one consistent font. Applying them one at a time takes so long and is frustrating. This dream tool you speak of would be a welcome addition to my tool-box... that's fo' sho'!
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    i would love a text editor like this
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    that could be great.... i've designed i type font because of that need...... totally understand und subscribe the need of such tool

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    Great idea, the letters we were given are pretty lame.
    Sure they're fun for a laugh but not exactly appropriate in all levels..
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    Yeah, it's really annoying that the text stickers come in different fonts. It looks really unprofessional if you type in 6 fonts at a time.

    Also, sometimes you just don't want magic mouths.

    Good idea.

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