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    Hello everybody, New to Lbpk forum. MaxxAmmo, dude from the first picture in of the landspeeder, to now. Your getting better at the details. you were saying something about 'stickers and not grabbing them'. I ran into that problem too, sticker shifting. had to rebuild, but that landspeeder doesnt look like it has much angles (top, side, front, back build). so a rebuild would have been easiest. how many peices is it? not including 'logic and stickers'. visually im counting about 20ish. also you were saying something also about 'grouping size not getting to big'. there shouldn't be a problem with complexity. as long as whats in the camera view at all times does not exceed a certain amount (i have ran into that problem and you can see it happen in one of my levels for about 5 seconds as the camera shifts from opening movie camera to race camera 'one of the characters head dissapears) i'm guessing 500+ peices in frame and yes these could be behind walls and across the whole track. I'm also intrested in the extent and area that your recreating, are you building some canyons with tusk raiders, or the cantena with han solo and the millenium falcon? you definatly started something thats going to be awsome, just dont rush build it. also are you using custom controls and 'handling tweaker' on the speeder?

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    Thanx for the nice comments, sorry for late reply but I am traveling and afk. Very afk!

    I'll reply more when I get home. My big problem is my Earth got glitches, there are glitches popping up for me in create mode. I may just publish the level "as is" with full copyable level and give my Tatooine objects out so others Sackpeeps can be inspired to create cool STAR WARS levels. I shall see how much more I can accomplish within LBP:K and my glitches! 😄

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    What glitches?
    Are you still having trouble with the camera angle (dipping down and under)? If that happens on a normal camera (preloaded) all you have to do is 'add' a player camera it will automatically modify preloaded. If it happens from a 'added' camera, dont adjust camera just erase and add new one. Or....
    You can do a quick add of 9 pieces and make your camera manual controlled (look/tilt up and down and switch front to rearview with a push of a button).

    Easy tilt/switch camera:
    what you'll need
    1. a piece of force field in the shape of a coin
    place 'coin' piece close-to or just above your ship' flat side facing forward (close-to or near kart)
    2. make "hinge" and tilt 90 degree (hinge angle faces foward) place next to side of coin and attach hinge pin to side (looks like a tilted lollipop)
    adjust angle to about 44-60 degree-starting on half (22-30).
    3. add first camera to one side of coin facing forward (frontview) -set up required
    4. add a second camera on the back side of coin (rearview) -set up required
    5. add a "selector" with two outputs (starts on 1), first output for 'front' camera, second output connected to 'back' camera
    6. add a 'receiver 1' (blue tag, named "camera switch"), hooked up to "selector- cycle input"
    7. add a 'receiver 2' (red tag, named "tilt"), hooked up to "hinge"
    8. On your "Kart Controlinator" place two "transmitters". 1st, reciever (blue tag, "camera switch") hook a button, like 'O' to the receiver. 2nd,
    (red tag, named "tilt") hook "right toggle up/down" to receiver 2.
    9. now group together "camera coin" with "kart/landspeeder" and save object. reloading kart transformer with 'newer kart/landspeeder'
    10. test/adjust camera and angles to fit situation (repreating 9-10 until perfected)
    What should happen is, you should have tilt control on your camera when you play and when you press "O" it should switch to rear view, pressing "O" again to switch back to forward view.
    *1-10 are easy steps, there are more ways to achieve this set up.

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    Far more serious glitches. If you look at my planet I have two photos which are supposed to be "About me" (glitch), I can't take pictures in any online levels at all, or play any single player online games at all (including my own) unless I copy them to my Moon.

    Many glitches appear in create mode which now I'm not sure if they are common to other players or just me. In my Halloween giveaway level I didn't overlap area where a trigger is set so players get explanation text in the HUD - yet it glitches like crazy.

    Bottom line is with all these glitches I don't like creating levels - I love creating objects - the level making part, errr, not so much. It get's me pretty frustrated. And it doesn't have to be this bad - but the creators abandoned this game and won't be coming back to improve it - as it seems.

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    That sucks dude, I just dont want to see a good creator stop creating. I've run into a few 'snags' creating too, my mechanical pieces like to tilt at weird angles sometimes during build (I'm always re-adjusting back to original angle). I havent had the "not able to play" glitch. I like how your specific to starwars, there are many people on here that specialize in specific themes.

    What if luke decided not to join in the deathstar mission?
    Dont give up.
    If all your level objects are custom, have you tried recreating on a fresh level?
    It might be a spawnpoint issue. If you have all spawns set to "hoard only" you might have problems (never tried).
    If you have all your logic on spawn 1 then copy to make 7 more, you might have logic interference problems.
    Or it might be "minium amount of players/max amount of players".
    If you posted your level as is, would it be playable or just a dud level? let the community see what sort of problems.
    I like testing and building.
    My first level, took me about 3 months. Tested every single wall, object, jump, logic, my ultimate goal was to have a glitchless level (no jumping or twitching outside of created level, unbreakable) I succeeded 99.9%, so its possible yours can work too.

    Have you ever done a community build?

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    Update: Have been afk - again. Meaning no computer access. I have since published this level as a Beta & Free copy! Was not completed and a work in progress when I stopped. Many elements can be taken to build a SW level of your own. Please post photos here if you make a SW level using Landspeeder, R2-D2 (or any elements), I'd love to see them!

    This was in preparation for the sale of my PS3. Rather then my work on Tatooine lvl being lost forever I decided to publish as unfinished before selling the PS3. I'm still a PlayStation fan and can be found on PS4 now.

    Level link:


    Maybe something as ambitious as LBP Karting can be made for the PS4 - the system may be able to handle it without glitching!

    Jabba's Palace
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    Omg! These pics are looking amazingly!

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