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    Hello and welcome to the wiki discussion forum!

    The LittleBigPlanet Wiki is currently offline due to damage it sustained during technical difficulties several months ago. There is hope that it will be possible to restore it just the way it was, but if it cannot be fixed we will rebuild it from nothing! In the meantime folks have been wondering where the wiki's gone. Some eager chums have even been writing articles with the intent of posting them as soon as it returns! In order to better communicate with everyone who is concerned for the wiki's fate, we now have this fancy discussion forum. So let's get right to it, eh?

    Whether the wiki is restored or rebuilt, it will need new articles for all the recent downloadable content and announcements regarding LittleBigPlanet 3. Some of those pages may have already been written by lovely members of the community! If you're keen on authoring a page for any particular subject, please let it be known here. There will be a lot to do when the wiki returns: the last thing we need is half a dozen people trying to publish "Superman Costume" at the same time!

    If you'd simply like a taste of how the wiki looked in its prime, it has been suggested that you try the following link:

    Thanks to everyone who has supported the project over the years and all who will expand it in the future. Please feel free to make threads and post wiki markup to your heart's content!

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    I always wanted to finish putting my PSP story mode articles together but then I got kicked out of the wiki forum and so lost access to all the level badges and stuff that were in there Would be nice to get links for those again once the wiki is back

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    *cracks knuckles*

    Lets do this!


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    Quote Originally Posted by AAAARRRRDDDD View Post
    I always wanted to finish putting my PSP story mode articles
    I'm also eager to see LBP PSP's pages completed. The articles have full descriptions and collectible lists up to Mountin' Excitement, if memory serves. All the resources should have been renamed with the same title as the levels themselves, so writing the article with the level template at the top would find the level badge automatically.

    If we are forced to rewrite the LBP PSP articles, I still have raw item data for everything up to Roque n Roller. That's Cheese and Balloonist objects to collect with level complete rewards including two stickers and "Fondue, Fondon't" by Jim Fowler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncuddly View Post
    If you'd simply like a taste of how the wiki looked in its prime, it has been suggested that you try the following link:

    ah... look at that beautiful, beautiful thing. I forgot how awesome our wiki used to look. Here's hoping we'll have good news soon. In the meantime I'll do my best to get a few bits together as soon as work at my dayjob starts to level out again!

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    Let me guess, it's still down?

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    Yes... So far..

    I think possibly beyond repair from the hack job in 2013, or more repair than I have time for. Keep in mind I've already spent a ton of time recovering and repairing this site. One of the issues is that the wiki was created from an add on to vBulletin by a person that isn't around any longer and his site is even gone. Plus he made it as an extension from yet another Wiki software to make it a plugin. Others on the vBulletin forum have the same issue. The other issue is the hacker deleted a ton of pages. By the time I was admin (mid 2014) no backups existed going back that far. True there are interenet archives, but as they are dynamic pages. Those backups are the html / browser versions of pages and not the real ones. i.e the dynamic ones that pull data from the database and other files.

    ..and please, no bumping of old threads. (see rules) You could have made a new thread or sent me a pm, or visitors message to ask.
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