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    Default Eve's Spa [Series]

    Greetings LBPCentral peeps!
    After a long time, I'm here again to produce my new series.


    - A new gameplay with Steam System and lots of great massages.
    - The first part includes no power-ups.
    - In the second part, we review our old memories with Splashcanon, but in a completely new "steamy" way!
    - Multiplayer Allowed!
    - The second part is a bit more challenging and you need to use your dear brain more.
    - A mixture of Eve's Asylum design that gives you the feeling of a warm spa.


    Eve's patients were getting less and less everyday. She had nothing to do and Insane humans dreams were about to fade. Asylum wasn't as great as before. So Eve started a new business which is adorable for everyone. The Steam Massages of her Spa, makes it different from other massage centers.
    But what's happened to her other patients? To her old friends? Where are they?
    Surprisingly Waterlily, comes out from an open pipe. She passed a really hot way to get helps.
    After, she reveals a secret that shouldn't have been revealed...
    So, the new adventure starts from here.

    LBP.ME Links:
    - Eve's Spa
    - Eve's Spa [Part 2]


    Opinions are welcome and feel free to leave your honest feedback. Also, soon or late, Eve's Spa [Part 3] will be out.
    So stay tuned!

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    fantastic lighting my dear I cant wait for play your series

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    Excellent level. While there were a few sections that had a bit too much walking, the level was very fun and captured the essence of Eve's Asylum perfectly. I really have nothing more to say, except that squid's music was excellent as well.

    My levels, helpfully categorized for your convenience:
    The Good - The Bad - The Weird - The Frustrating - The Pretty - The Mobile

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    Haha bonner, i was about to ask your opinion about my level. You're a great critic. And hearing these words from you makes me glad.

    I agree with long walking. It's maybe because i focused more on the design than gameplay. I'll try to make it less for my next levels.
    Thanks much.

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    Liked the gameplay mechanics and design choices, sometimes it wasn't too clear where to go though. I actually ended up finishing it by accident, as I thought I was going down a side path and then the final cut scene triggered.

    The steam puzzles work really well and added an extra level of danger with out going overboard.

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    Great story platformer!
    Excellent level!

  10. Thanks!

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    So you finally Finished it? Also Congrats On The Spotlight!

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