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    Default LAdiDAs Juhu Turm

    Hallo alle zusammen

    ich bin ladida und komme aus deutschland
    ich baue und kreiere eigene LVL und würde mich sehr über eure meinungen dazu freuen

    Ich würde euche gerne mein neusten Renner vorstellen :´´ LAdiDAs Juhu Turm ´´

    über Spieler und ihre meinungen freue ich mich sehr : Love:: Love:: Love:

    viel spaß und liebe grüße

    eure Ladida

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    Use Google translate:

    Hello all together

    I 'm ladida I'm from Germany
    I build and make your own LVL and would greatly appreciate your opinions to

    I would like to introduce my latest disease Renner : '' LAdiDAs Juhu tower ''

    about players and their opinions , I am delighted : Love :: Love :: Love:

    much fun and love greetings

    your Ladida

    Is it this one? Maybe you don't know how to post links and images?

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    Thank you Des, this has been already helpful to guess, what Ladida wanted to say though its google-translated!

    Ladida, in the German speaking section we have a translation service, which you could use! Just post the German text there and you will get a translation that you can post here!

    I've played your level already some days ago and I've been enthusiastic! Its been a highspeed platformer, in the design of the story levels, with a rather familiar gameplay feeling, combining well-known game elements in a rather entertaining way! I really enjoyed playing it and I can only recommend your level to our community!

    Many greetings, Jürgen^^

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    This level was a pleasant surprise. Similar to the Tower of Whoop. I enjoyed it, but I got stuck and had to pop myself to start from a check point. See the picture , I'm stuck in the corner on the right:


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    Geat level.
    I played some "juhu towers" and have to say: this one is one of the best ones

    Very well done!

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    Default my new Level

    Hallo Zusammen,
    heute möchte ich euch nochmals mein neues lvl vorstellen

    LAdiDAs Juhu Turm : Love:

    have fun my friends

    gruß Ladida72

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    A LBP.Me link would help users queue your level easier next time you post. Here's the link:

    Also this is the wrong category for your post. It should be posted within 'Level Showcase'.
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    - Scott

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    Merged with existing thread.

    Mit vorhandenen Thread zusammengeführt.
    (Hope this is correct translation)
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