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    Default Time Warp Chronicles Chapter 11: The Final Battle & Chapter 12: Time for Celebration

    Chapter 11:

    Chapter 12:

    At long last, another of my epic level series is complete.

    In chapter 11, players will be in for the epic battles against the aliens who are plotting to destroy the world with a space station. First, avoid Gargox's drill and plasmas with a grappling hook and attack him. Then dodge Altia's pets' attacks and quickly grab the egg bomb and counter it. Then wall slide to evade Lazor's laser attacks and glide to aim for his weak point with the hero cape. And then it leads up to the most epic boss battle I have ever made since the last boss stage of "Cybernetic Adventures Omega Part 3: Malicious"... So epic, players have to see it for themselves when playing the level. There are no secrets in this level, compared to the previous ones, but there's a music by me which can only be heard during the final boss phase.

    After completing chapter 11, players will unlock the final chapter of the series that ends it all. It features the ending credits and a music by me during that credits.

    Hope you enjoy the final chapters of the series .

    Pics of Chapter 11:

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