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    Introducing Despair After 46 hrs of production time, and weeks of real world effort, I finally finished.

    Have fun exploring this maze like mansion to your hearts content. I have also put it through extensive testing with myself and two other testers so it should be glitchless to a point, dont go messing it up now.

    The goal of this level is to tell a story, but in the background. Your job as a player is to piece together all the little bits of dialogue throughout the game to get the full feel of whats going on. If you only want to beat one more level, then this can be finished in 5 minutes or less. This isn't meant to be a hard level, but more of a 'secrets' level. Find ten secret rooms hidden in the mansion to unlock the full storyline, unlock all the achievements, and get the best score.

    In total time, if you were to find all of the secret rooms hidden throughout, it would take around half an hour. I recommend searching for as many as possible before you finish for the first time as it really helps with the experience.

    Now get in there, turn your lights off, turn that sound up to Max, and have fun experiencing some Despair.

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    I'll be playing it tonight! Can't wait to see everything, and I'll tell you what I think about it!

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    Looking forward to it. I do want to change one tiny thing and update the level tomorrow night, it wont affect much that the player sees thogh, just something small that bugs me.

    I fixed it, now I love it.
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