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    Default Cybernetic Adventures Infinity: King Restore's Memories

    Hi there, LBP2 players. I have just published my first LBP2 level since early last year. This time, the level is a special epilogue installment of a level series that I had been making from February 2011 to January 2012. That's right, my very popular level series is back! In Infinity, players will play entirely as King Restore, who was once the leader of all viruses Malicious, and his mission is figure out what happened to Sector Infinity before it became Sector Omega. The level has some traditional moments of my LBP2 level series such as the use of 3D background, story-driven cinematics, and an epic boss fight. And after players defeated the boss of this level...prepare for a shocking ending. Hope you give this level a go .

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    Just played this and it wasn't that bad.


    - Needs a better story telling method other than pictures with a pan through them. The player was flung right into playing after one 'picture' and a bunch of words. And then the world you start into seemed almost unnecessary. You just walked to the right for a second or two, then jumped. After that, you're on the memory chamber, and then a completely other world is entered. It's neat that you go to a different 'world'- reminded me of Tron -but that first section wasn't 'explored' enough. As a matter of fact, I would have liked to of seen more of that world outside of the king's memories. Post-apocalyptic scenes are fun. (Which by the way, I suspect the woman at the beginning is the virus queen)

    - The level concept was alright, though there were some problems in parts of the level. At times, dragging objects with the cursor were slow, or just unresponsive. It especially happened on the last memory line 'puzzle' section. The section before the actual final memory line since you couldn't do anything with the actual final. And that area with the big block that you moved twice. Liked the idea, but if you fell, the camera cut out the big block. So I had to go left towards the spawn point to reset the big block. (Which I later found out I could do after I replayed the level)

    - I kind of liked the aesthetics. Had a good feel and change-up of materials, so my eyes weren't bored. Except for some sections where I could see a lot of empty material space. Maybe have the rings go down on the teleporter when the player is coming from the other side.

    - The boss was a very anti-climatic battle. Surprised he didn't even use his spinning thing to drill down onto you. Or send small exploding viruses that the player had to fling at him, rather than a blade; that was slow- Very slow. I basically jumped three times and had the cursor out before he even sent out the blade. Boss fights are very important as they usually bring an end to the 'chapter' of the level or area. You don't want to have gone through all that trouble just to fight a boring boss. He needs more variety and needs to be smarter. Maybe program him to where he at least does something different if the player happens to have their cursor out before he sends out the blade.

    I still really REALLY wish this game was on PC as well. So much potential.

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    Fun level with a bit of variety in the platforming. Using the hexagon was a bit tedious but not a game breaker. Story was neat and clean. Keep up the good work and continue on to lbp3. 4/5 hearted.

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    Looks nice!

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