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    Default Niala's Garden [Animated Film]

    Niala's Garden is a story about a young water sprite who gets lost in the vast forests of a post-humanity paradise known as new earth. This first part is a background on the premise as a whole and a glimpse into the daily life of our adorable and silent protagonist. To make you think... maybe getting lost in the forest wouldn't be so bad compared to what she has to put up with on a daily basis.

    I'm only posting 1 image for now
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    I think my eye have been blessed from seeing Niala. EverTone, you know how to make something so cute.
    "Applsauce is tasty" -Alfrottos

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    NG3.jpgNG2.jpgNG4.jpg Here are 3 more pictures

    Levels you should check out: A Tower for Two

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