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    Hello all !

    I would like to introduce to you my last level called "Megachimia 3" and well, it is a platformer ! Yes, a new one ! I hope you will like to play it and I am waiting for your feedbacks. Thank you very much LBPC !

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    Thank you Yu-kamone, did you play the second part of the level ?

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    Haha! This level was great. It was as if the slime stuff in Portal was the focus, and not the portal gun. The gameplay was nice, the mechanics were fun, and the boss battle was fun! As a matter of fact, when I had first played the Muppet stages, the idea of exploring the different goos in Portal came to mind, but I came back and got the Muppets DLC long after it had already come out, and plenty of people had used it for all kinds of things.

    Anyways! Personally, there were a few thoughts I had, granted nothing MAJOR:

    - It would have been great to have seen a story here- in the series in general really. A big factory, random goos, some robots, a big slime monster- Where did it all come from?! Shame there is no story. But just some zany platforming's alright too.

    - The use of the goos was nice. I personally wouldn't call it a puzzle level (Not saying it was labeled as that), but the tricks and uses of the different goos was fun. Personally, I found the black one the most meh. Wasn't a fan of that one. But the others were simple, which made them very versatile in putting them to use in obstacles.

    - The hero cape seemed unfitting. A fun power-up, but you're here in the level with all these different kinds of slime, then a random hero cape is there. Not the kind of, "Oh. That was presented in an odd way and it came out of nowhere." kind of there, but a, "I was just messing with goop. Where did that cape come from?!" A similar thing could be said about the Grappling Hook, but that was introduced a long time ago in the series.

    - The boss was fun, but boy was it very... Precise- I think that is the word I am looking for. You had to stand in this one exact spot, or this thin space (More than was necessary) to avoid lasers or those harder to track shots of goo.

    - I kept dying from the bounce pad after I had already died during the boss; it sent me into a laser or lethalized part of the boss. It looked like you tried to time it so the boss wouldn't spawn kill the player, but it kept doing it over and over again. I loved the idea of bouncing off of the boss and then flinging him upwards, reminded me of a few games there, but somehow Pikmin and the spider things. Also, this boss felt off. I went back and played your other levels since I liked this one, and in the first boss, you actually used the goos and such; felt more interactive. With the last two bosses so far, the fights felt very non-interactive. Just dodge this and this. Granted there were obvious issues in the first boss of the series, but it felt more fun to use the goo yourself.

    - I know it says it's the last in the series, but you could easily take this even further and with the new tools, even further than that.

    So the level was fun nonetheless. A few improvements here and there, but for the most part, on the LBP bar, it's great. From a game-in-the-mass-market standpoint (For me anyways), there is some great stuff here, though some important changes and additions may be needed.

    I still really REALLY wish this game was on PC as well. So much potential.

  5. Thanks!

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