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    Default Sackboy secrets

    This 'secret' is for those creating levels that want to share 'items/creations' without sharing in a copyable level.

    A secret item share
    Within your published non-copyable level, have a 'special emmiter' at a location (known to you and people you want to share item with) that gets activated by 'staying at position for x-amount of time' or 'hidden button press' pressing up on the d-pad 20x's will trigger prize emitter at location.

    What you need for set-up:
    On 'Kart Controlinator' place a 'transmitter' (color-blue, name-prize) thats hooked up to a 'button' (up,down,left,right...).
    At 'hidden location', place a 'player sensor'+'reciever' (color-blue, name-prize)> and gate (might be different, need both connection to activate 1 thing) >counter (20 count)>emitter (one time use), place 'object' that you want to share in emitter. Done.

    When your level is played, the emitter is unseen and unknown. And only activated at 'hidden-spot' with button press.

    Unless people are 'testing' level and looking for this specific secret, It will be unknow.

    Old school secrets, for newer levels.
    -Bombing every wall looking for the secret dungeon.-

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    Clever stuff. Another option, which has been used by a creator friend of mine, was to hide the prizes behind a fake wall/shortcut. Using fence pieces to link up the 'missing' section so shortcut isn't obvious. You just jump the fence and go through fake wall!


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