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    Today, I was fooling around with logic, trying to develop a solution (ongoing project).
    I started with a 'randomizer' hooked up to a 'selector' outputted to 'various sounds'.
    And I thought it would be kind of cool and different if each player had "control over sounds" and could activate them on cycles.
    Each player having access to multiple 'cycled sounds'. Select Setting them up for button presses (Hold down on the 'D-pad' plus press 'X' will cycle 'X' to new sound) Pressing 'X' without 'D-pad' will play sound only.
    If everything works, It would be a multi player band/Dj.
    As an added bonus already, we can use mics already.
    So you have multiple players playing some beats, and singing... Come on.
    Hooking up each players sound control to have a different effect on a center stage that all players face, would increase the level experiance.
    It wouldn't be about score, or kills.
    It would be about just having some fun making some beats with people around the world.

    If your intrested in this project, please share some ideas.

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    One small issue that I know is something I would hate to not have- No way to record what you do.

    There's also lag if done online.

    BUUUUUUUUT... Perhaps in order to remedy the recording issue, make it not a level, but a system or object you can give players. And when they start playing, it emits some holo with the sound attached, that way it's on a kind of 'track'. When they are done fooling around, they can go to the trail of holo and then possibly copy-pasta it into a sequencer or actual music box.

    I still really REALLY wish this game was on PC as well. So much potential.

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    You could go 'gorilla' style and point your camera/phone at the tv and record. Or you could use the audio-output on the 'ps3'. But thats not what your talking about.
    It would be like any other level, play and enjoy. Mix it up differently everytime.

    I think your talking about, having some sort of track/table that you can 'drop' sounds onto and move their position. Then 'playing' from the start to finish. That would be more like a 'music generator' (old playstation game).
    Or you could do that with a sequencer with transmitters and recievers to sound.

    I was thinking more of a 'on the spot jam session', be it good or bad. Just throwing some 'beats' down with people around the world. Other people (multiplayer) layering their sounds on top.
    Maybe have a 'game ender' also. Idea: 3 minutes after start a trigger gets activated, then when nobody presses any 'buttons/sounds' for '10 seconds' after the '3min' the game automatically triggers 'game ender'. Also, having a 'visual tell' to inform player.

    I feel bad for those with lag, but theres nothing I can do. Thats a connection issue.

    Think of 8 'Dj's' all with turntables facing each other around in a circle.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    If anybody has prefrences to which sounds they like. Please list which 'sound' and in what 'sound group'.

    Trying to build 8 sounds per set, and 8 sets per player. All 8 sets will be selectable for each player. Each player will start on 'next' sound set. Player 1, has 8 sets starts on 1. Player 2, has 8 sets starts on 2.

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