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    Default Cat Co.

    Teddy bears

    Operation begins

    Cat Co, a company bringing cat toys to the world apprehends all teddy bears nation wide. Their goal is to built a future society where children play with cat plushies rather than teddy bears. They plan to exterminate every teddy bear in existence. Sackboy! Act fast and learn everything you can about their current and future plans.

    Good Luck Link is in the first sentence! Thanks! (:
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    this looks fun as heck. queued. may be a while though

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    Queued. My sig pic for F4F
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    Already did F4F for that level :b

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnBreaker_23 View Post
    Already did F4F for that level :b
    Oh, thanks.

    Have you done:

    I enjoyed this level. The lock picking was simply great. Fantastic mechanic.

    Two spots annoyed me. When you get to the top of the first building and have to cross the cloudy area, there is not enough of a transition before you have to start making jumps. I fell and had to go completely through the building again before I even knew where I had to jump. The second time I made it through luck as much as anything else.

    The second was at the end where you had to grab the launching teddy bear. I couldn't really tell what I was supposed to do. I figured out to grab onto the bear through trial and error and eventually just kept grabbing the bear until something happened. I'm not sure how to fix it since I'm still not sure what I did to move on in the first place.

    Criticism aside, it was a fun level. I'll watch for the next one.
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    This level was interesting.

    I liked the lockpicking; sort of reminded me of a few other games that implemented lockpicking, but it should have been on a joystick rotator, rather than a turning bolt. Once you go on the bottom, the direction feels weird to press when chasing the green area.

    No indication before player reaction is something everyone should avoid. When jumping through the crack of the wall before the clouds, (Like Biv mentioned), if you missed the grab, which the player had no idea was there, then they would have to go back. That kind of tactic is usually used to give a poor representation of 'longer playtime'. "Oh you messed up? Well that's entirely your fault for not knowing about that, so you must go back around."

    It took me a little while, but I finally got through the teddy bear section; didn't actually use the teddy bear- I was just launched up. There was no indication as to where to go, not even one of those very subtle hints that some use (Like: There's a flower there around a ton of others that is barely out of place. Go there- Hate those). Perhaps if it was shooting the teddy bears out of the hole and it was obvious as to where they were going, then maybe the idea of grabbing the teddy bear to escape would be less of a hassle. I'm not saying hold their hand, but a game of 'Hide the exit' is a cheap tactic.

    It didn't look that bad though; a little cluttered, but not bad.

    I still really REALLY wish this game was on PC as well. So much potential.

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    Can't add anything that hasn't already been said about the gameplay, but I thought the story was great Or maybe you've already fixed some of the things that were mentioned? Because I didn't notice some of the problems that were brought up. Anyway, the story has a lot of potential and I hope it's fully realized in LBP3. You've got the underdog guerrilla soldier and a group of fat cat villains and a pretty dark plot which is refreshing to see, good job

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    >Browsing LBPC new posts.
    >See this post, make mental note of it, since I am a cat lover.
    >Play LBP, and go onto 'Lucky Dip'
    >Get this level...

    Maybe it was destiny.

    I am not much of a reviewer, but I can tell you that I did enjoy playing it very much, I got strong LBP1 wilderness vibes playing it.

    Like others have said, the lockpicking was very unique but did get a bit frustrationg.. Overall there was a great range of different gameplay elements that kept it interesting.

    Sound, lighting, Stickers, Decoration, ect.. were all used pretty well throughout.

    I felt like there could have been more checkpoints, I died at one point and was a bit annoyed that I respawned back on 1st bottom floor. Maybe add one in the lift. (I know there is one just before the race, but it is quite easy to die on the spikes.)

    The race was very well executed, although I don't think you should have included a lockpicking in it, since it took me ages to complete it... by which time there wasn't much race time left. (But that was probably just my own fault at being a noob).

    Some parts were not very clear, just little things like when you had to pull the lever to make the fire stop. I got it eventually, but it could maybe have been made more clear. However, this is a small point, those parts were still very good!

    Overall, great level! You have got the start of something promising.

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    I like your take on lock picking and think that that idea could be further built upon. Some sections of the level felt a little tight, like you did the layout, and then tried to build obstacles.

    The section just after the cats is an example of this, you use the elevator, go up a level, and promptly die if you jump, due to all the hard to see spikes.

    Other areas have you jumping along the lights, but you are constantly hitting your head, which makes for some strange animation, and sort of feels like I'm not going the right way because there doesn't seem to be the 'right amount' of headspace to be jumping about with.

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    I did like the lock picking part of the game it was the first time I encountered that type of obstacle in an LBP level! Good job on that! The level was very bubbly and well made.
    Cheers & Cowabunga!

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