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    Published a on more or less physic based platformer in LBP2 today! I was fascinated and inspired by many physically lvls from friends and people I look up to so I decided to make my own. Speculum can be a little bit hard and confusing sometines but I left some hints to make the weird parts easier to understand and playable! I have tested it more than 20 times but I'm definitly happy if you guys could tell me if you find some bugs, annoying stuff! So that's about the level. I just wanna leave one advise: Play the level alone for the best experience. It's definitly possible with more and also funny (I tested also friends) but I think it turns out really cool only if you play it alone. Oh, and it's a race!

    Level Link:

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    It's on my levels-where-I'm-going-to list.

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    No bugs to report.
    Just some tricky spots that can be a little frustrating. Especially with that clock ticking away. I was like hurry hurry hurry i'm not gonna make it. How much longer! Crap i didn't make it. I need to do a replay now that i got a little better clue as to what to do in some spots.

    Nice challenging level
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    The obstacles were unique and it was pretty nice platformer level! I need to replay it so I can find all the hidden things & stuff! It was hard to master at first but then I learned it.

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