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    Default Object fading into another...may need help, may be a GLITCH.

    I'll try to explain as simple as possible. I wont get the names of things right.

    The goal is to make it look like a container has filled with energy or goo or whatever.

    Two glass cylinders. One is stickered green, the other is not.

    Both of them have a material tweaker (whatever the new one is called) to adjust opacity to 0% and the inputs are set to signal strength.

    One of them gets the dematerialize tweaker.

    I have wired a timer, set to four seconds, into the "plain" cylinder.
    The timer is also wired into a "Not" gate and then into the green stickered cylinder.
    Toggle wired into the timer.

    So far so good. Flip the toggle and over four second the plain cylinder becomes invisible and the green cylinder fades into being.

    The problem is when I make the two objects share the same space, so they become one object, it's invisible from 180-degrees of view, and glass from the other 180 degrees. Flip on the timer and it reverses, half invisible, half green.

    Any ideas? Is this a glitch? Anyone want to set it up real quick and tell me if they get the same results?

    I could do a work around using holo material, but it wouldn't look nearly as good as just the stickered glass.
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    When you say half of the cylinder becomes visible it sounds like there might be a bit of misalignment between the two cylinders.

    Adjust the "position in layer" on the cylinders so that they're different, and then use the grid to ensure that both cylinders are exactly in the same position.

    Also, it might be helpful to not use the physics tweaker to dephysicalise one of the cylinders and use the dephysicalise tool instead.

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    Hi Biv.
    Yes, tried out what you were trying to do and see the problem.
    Its because both glass blocks are solid objects, Even switching the opacity on on one and off on the other, graphically clashes, causing one to be visible and the other invisible. Placing them over each other will make one not show up.

    A solution would be to try this:- hope it helps.

    Start by making your 2 glass blocks. both same size. Sticker the one you want for the liquid part green, as you did.
    As this is the one that you don't collide with, click on the dephysicalize tool (the little ghost symbol). set up the logic as you have it, except, don't use material tweakers. On the liquid glass part place a 0.0 opacity tweaker wired to the on/off logic.
    However, on the glass container part just place a 50% opacity tweaker, but not connected to any triggers or logic.
    As its 50%, moving another dephysical block over it will allow it to merge but not make either block show invisible, you should see both blocks.

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