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    I did not expect to make another LBP2 level after "Parabolica: Inverted" but this one just had to come out.

    I found myself dabbling with steampunk imagery - I even set up a Pinterest ID to gather steampunk imagery for inspiration, something I really recommend when you are planning the look of a future level.

    It's just a basic sackthing platformer, no controllinators here. Open to all players, I suggest you get dressed appropriately first - something vintage and quirky will suit this level. Lots of photo opportunities so bring a friend.

    It's fairly short - I don't often use a lot of pre-made objects but there were a few here I had to include as well as some particularly choice decorations. I'm really loving the colour-adjustable decorations, glad to see there are plenty in LBP3.

    Anyhoo, have fun, this has had NO testing apart from me and my wife and she is crap with a PS3 controller. I mean it - she struggles to make basic jumps, bless her.

    Thanks for playing, I love this community

    Some pics for your pleasure:

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    Looks interesting. I've queued it.

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    looks beautiful!

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    Really nice design, although some sections felt a little cramped with the jumps. Using the first section as an example you jump up onto the small platform and sort of get caught up on the pipe that you need to back up a tad to then jump onto.

    Nothing horrifically bad, jut sometimes I got caught up on the edge of things more often that I would have liked. On the whole though some very inventive obstacles

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