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    Default LBN Fright Fest: The Abandoned Funhouse of the Orleans Carnival

    This is my entry for the Fright Fest competition. The gameplay is focused around platforming and using the paintgun. I decided to go a bit light hearted and focus on colorful visuals including a ton of sticker work and using sticker panel animations to bring the level to life. The music is by O165_Vivaldi-NL. Also thanks to a good friend for some nifty contributions and to Vivaldi and Snoki69 for beta testing.

    I hope you enjoy the level. It is a bit on the challenging side in some parts. Here is the link and some pictures. Any feedback would be great and appreciated.

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    This level was incredibly well made, and I had a lot of fun playing it! The only criticism I have about it is that at certain parts I had trouble beating some of the obstacles. Other than that I really can't complain it was beautifully designed, and well worth playing!

  3. Thanks!

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