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    Asteroids is a simple arcade game in which you must fly around a simple ship (an arrow) and get as many points as posibile. If you get hit 12 times, it is Game Over.

    So please queue this game and spend a minute or two having a go at it. Your score will of course get added to a leaderboard.

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    This level is very fun to play, but I have some suggestions. First, the controls right away I noticed the controls are very difficult. I found it was very hard to maneuver around the map. I suggest making the spaceship follow the joystick more naturally. Another thing is that that design. It is very simple, and plain. I suggest putting a little bit of your own touch on it. Also, there is not enough enemies. Lastly, the shooting, you should make it a semi automatic shooting system instead of fully automatic. This will help with aiming your rockets/bullets/lasers! Overall though, good job!

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