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    Default Level Malfunction [S2]

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    Hello! Sorry about the post by the other account. I now have the profile situation under control.. Anyway, I bring you my newest creation, Level Malfunction [Scene 2]. The second and final part of the Level Malfunction story. I tried to make this level a satisfaction to all, and would really appreciate your criticism and play.

    [1 PLAYER ONLY] [EASY-MEDIUM DIFFICULTY] Goodies: Objects that are made collectable for the community. They stand with others in the meaning of sharing as players all around spread their influence to benefit the growing wonderplane. But what if one collects objects without them being goodies? This community calamity is known by stealing..


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    Please do enjoy! Thank you.

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    Oh man, this was a fun level. I really loved how unique the concept is, especially the part where the creator sends you back twice to make the obstacle harder each time. I also liked the look of the level, the gameplay didn't fail to please me. However, some of the invisible walls last too long and partly disrupt the flow. But other than that, great level!

    Final score: 9/10
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    Quote Originally Posted by L1N3R1D3R View Post
    See LittleBigNetwork or the game for my review.
    See the note on my fridge on what I think of that.

    Seriously though.. do everyone a favor and post your feedback here. That is what this is for. Others might learn from your feedback as well as the creator. A bit of copy and paste won't hurt, I promise.
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