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    Default The Uptown Cardboard Caper

    Hello everyone. I have a mostly new level for you to check out. A small part of this level still contains gameplay from my third SackQuest level. I would say that there is about 80% new gameplay. I worked on this off and on for the last few months and was able to finish it up after I had finished building my FRIGHTFEST level. The gameplay is all hero cape platforming with timed based obstacles. There are several hard to get bonus bubbles and a few score rings to fly through. I would probably keep it one player mainly due to possible lag issues. Music was made by the fantastic O165_Vivaldi-NL. Any feedback would be great.

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    Well, I'll say for start that I adore levels that have the same style as Paris is for Lovers, and after seeing your screenshots, this level is definitely queued up!
    ......I like smilies.............

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    Thanks. Hope you enjoy it! Forgot to mention that race mode is optional.

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    This is one of my favorite hero cape levels of all time, first off. I love the simplistic but effective look to the level, the fun gameplay in the level, and the difficulty curve, and that combined to make a nice experience. However, there was no story or even characters, and some of the pieces of cardboard felt bland. It was still a great level, though!

    Final score: 8/10
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    Looks really awesome! Love your levels

    It is definitely queued!

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    Have a great day!

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