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    Hey Sackfriends!

    I've just published a new survival challange called "Orbit".

    The goal of this level is to move over a tube to avoid colliding with the dark blocks by steering with the left joystick while collecting orbs to score.

    There are 3 types of orbs to collect. An orange orb acts as a multiplier, a blue orbs is worth 50 points and a green orb is a temporary steering boost that makes the control a bit faster. You also get a single point each second you stay alive.

    I utilized the memorizer for a statistics function, in the menu you can press square to visit the stats screen for information about the amount of orbs you've collected, the times you've played and total time you've played. There is also a section with your best play time.

    If you collide, you go back to the menu where you can try again, view your stats or quit the game.
    To quit when in the menu: hold circle to get your highest score from that session and go to the scoreboard.

    I recommend playing this in single player.

    Here are some pictures:

    I hope you like my new level

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    Death and misery, here I come!

  3. Thanks!

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