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    Hey everyone. Just finished 3 levels, and of them, this is the first. A level intentionally made to look simplistic and feel simple as well. I wanted to make an lbp1 level, but decided to make something new in lbp2 instead in the long run. After playing some castlevania 4 and harmony of despair, I came up with the idea to make a simplistic tribute to a pretty fun game series, that blends my desire for a simple design look with that of a castlevania game. While the level may look basic, the enemies (more so dracula) will give you more of a challenge than one might expect. Just hope to give this level a little attention by posting here, and feedback is VERY appreciated.

    Here are some images:

    and an link:

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    The level was fun to play and difficult! It worked well, especially the last boss! The fighting system was also creative and fun. The environment was decent but the level itself was brilliant and well-made. I would recommend this level for everyone who likes Castlevania or is interested to the game.

    Also, once again, thank you for using my few songs from Castlevania Music Gallery Castle in this level. To think that you got them even thought I made such irritating system to get them all.

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