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    Default JMC Sounds of EverySacks

    Hello EverySacks!

    Japanese Musicians Collaboration last project in LBP2!

    We JMC have published it.
    The project called "Sounds of EverySacks".

    This Project's concept is [Let's Share pleasure of LBP!].
    We want share music and puleasure with EverySacks.

    We separate 4 teams.
    Each Teams have created one level, and HUB level(link to them), we created total of 5 levels!

    HUB level is here.

    【level】 [JMC Sounds of EverySacks]HUB level
    【creator】 JpnMusicCollabo
       [Movie] oya_710
    [Transration] konnron

    If you use key sticker(giveaway in each 4 levels), you can get SoE Music Sequencer.
    We hope EverySacks enjoy LBP with JMC music.

    OK, Let's me introduce them here!

    Parallel High Riders


    They created shooting games with their swinging songs!



    They created a cool movie with cool songs. All object or sticker is made by themselvels!

    Drunk Dreamers

    They surpeisingly made cute secenary with their songs though they always creating with drink!



    They made a platformer like music video. Enjoy their wonderland with unique sense!

    Pls have fun!
    And Let's share pleasure of LBP!!

    p.s. All JMC music are published in LittleBigAudio!!

    LBA Playlist
    1st full list:
    2nd full list:
    3rd full list:
    Christmas & Winter:
    Sounds of EverySacks:

    JMC members





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    Got it queued! Looking forward to it!

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