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    Default TankMania - The Game (LBP2 & LBP3)

    TankMania - The Game

    LBP3 version:
    LBP2 version:


    I just published the LBP3 version of TankMania!
    It took me a few weeks and getting used to the dynamic thermometer, but I think the result are 6 well playable levels.

    The LBP2 version that I released just a few days before LBP3 unfortunately had a very low framerate (on PS3) and too many bugs, even one which didn't let you continue to play a level. So I decided to port the levels to LBP3.

    Well, although this is actually a LBP2 level series, it'd still be nice from you if you had a look on it.

    Thank you!

    Original post:

    It's just a few days until the release of LBP3 and I finally managed to finish my most ambitious and biggest LBP project to date. It's name is TankMania!

    And it's a whole game including a singleplayer story, online and local competitive multiplayer (Versus Level). This project took me not 1 month, not 5 months, not 1 year, not 2 years... but 3.5 years to create.
    Why did it take so long, you may ask? Well, there are many reasons. One, of course, is the size of the project:
    The singleplayer contains 5 levels, and any level has its own theme and elements. The multiplayer contains 3 maps which can be played in 3 different game modes (Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and King of the Hill).

    But what exactly is TankMania?
    TankMania is a top down shooter where you can drive a tank through oases, abandoned villages and cities and industrial areas. Its gameplay focuses mainly on fights against enemy tanks and exploration, but it also contains tricky driving maneuvers, ingame puzzles and challenges.
    The multiplayer of the game is all about fighting against your friends and winning match by match!

    The story
    One night a small unknown object from space hits the seaport of Aridia and people struggle to understand what exactly has hit the surface of Earth. Scientist head to impact crater where they find strange geometrical structures. Before they can start to study the remainings they get hypnotized by what is in the crater.

    Whatever has landed on Earth can influence its habitants. Soon everybody in the city of Aridia is manipulated by it. They become aggressive and destroy anything that stands in their way. Even the military is manipulated, and Aridia descend into chaos. Nothing works anymore, the society is dead.

    You, the player, are lucky to not be manipulated. While the object hit the port, you have been in a bunker 150m below the surface of Earth. Your mission is to stop the military and destroy what you can find in the crater... without getting manipulated as well.



    Some more words
    I would be really nice if you played my newest project. I've been working hundreds of hours in the LBP editor to make it as good as possible.
    Lot's of time went into balancing, optimizing gameplay, endless bug fixing, improving and solving thermo issues.
    I'd be really nice if you could give feedback on the gameplay and also things like orthography, word use and grammar in the game.

    Thank you!
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    3.5 years. That is a really long time to spend making something in LBP.

    I still really REALLY wish this game was on PC as well. So much potential.

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    I started creating the level back in April of 2011.
    Sure, I had some breaks from time to time, but I wanted to release the whole project at once, and that's why it took so long.

    But now there seems to be a problem!
    I did some testing with a friend and he can't open any levels from the main menu of the game. They work via level links that get activated by switches. I can open these levels, but why can't he? (and possibly other players?)

    Well, I now unlocked all the levels, so that you can access the from your pod. But that's actually not how I meant it to be working. I hope I can find a way to fix that.

    Edit.: He restarted LBP and now it works. I hope nobody else got these problems.
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    Wow, I thought this was going to be just another tank level but that's nothing like the truth. I had fun playing it multiplayer but it shines as a single player level, particularly if you're prepared to put in the time and play all the missions etc.

    Really polished, great details, nice story background. Very good work indeed. Hope you get some more plays, you certainly deserve them.

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    This looks amazing and I certainly going to check it out. 3.5 years of work is a nice achievement.

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    Wonderful use of any and all assets that LBP2 can give a creator, you have managed to make it your own in the most complete top down vehicle shooter I have yet played. Looks nice too. Everything works as expected, and you can forget it's LBP at times. That is the goal of any creator.

    I would say that the one thing you should work on, if anything, is the visuals of the powerups. They look a little cheap as-is. Maybe you can paint some shiny new stickers for them, and slap em on some sticker mat. instead of the holo you use. Also, I did blow myself up at one point running into my own fire... I don't know if that is avoidable, but it was the only off putting thing.

    If you want to cash in your F4F, I have just published a level on LBP3 (it's in my sig.) but if you haven't got LBP3 just yet, thats fine
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    Thank you for the feedbacks, shropshirelass and poorjack!
    I'm glad you liked my level series! I just have one question to you: Did you play the level in LBP3 or LBP2? If you played the level in LBP3, it would be nice if you could tell me if everything works well in LBP3. I don't own the game and I'm planning to get it around Xmas.

    @ poorjack
    You blowed yourself up with fire? Well, actually it shouldn't be possible to do that. I tested it several times (did you play it in LBP3, maybe?).

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    Yes. Yes I did. Thats probably the cause lol.
    Who knows with this crazy game. Its like LBPSP all over again!
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    Hi Peachii,

    wow, I only did play the tutorial level so far, but wow!! This is already sooo fantastic, I'm still speechless! And I'm looking forward to play the rest of the series as soon as possible! You've got a new fan though I'm not really a tank player! Great job!

    Viele Grüße nach Bochum, Jürgen^^

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    Looks very interesting, added to my queue.
    - Scott

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    Default Update!

    Hey all!
    I decided to update my level series TankMania to make it playable on LBP3!

    The LBP2 version didn't work too well in LBP3. For example mines emitted into the wrong layer, the framerate sometimes became very low or level parts wouldn't load because the game (or my PS3?) couldn't handle it.

    What I changed in the LBP3 version:
    - Most levels now use the dynamic thermometer
    - Slimmed logic on almost all vehicles (but with the same functionality!)
    - Several bugfixes
    - Changed from subtitles to speech bubbles and hints, because they wouldn't show unless you activated subtitles.

    By the way:
    A friend decided to create a trailer. Here it is:

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    looks very cool, in my queue.......(Grüße nach Bochum)

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