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    Default JustinArt's Xtra Gallery

    Hi, folks. I just published one more LBP2 before LBP3 arrives. This gallery features four artistic menus and twenty-two musical tracks. I had been working on some of those songs since before my old PS3's disc player no longer works, but now they finally come to this massive gallery, along with the other newer ones I began making after earning a new PS3. Here are ten track names I came up with on this level's songs:

    A New Cybernetic Adventure: This music is featured in "Cybernetic Adventures Infinity: King Restore's Memories".

    Deep Hideout: An ambient music with some clever echoing sounds.

    Aquatic Rush: Inspired by Breezy-The-Pro's "Resonance", this music takes listeners to an accelerating water ride.

    Giga Gorilla: A mixture of electronic and jungle theme that is the longest of all 22 music.

    Do a Barrel Roll!!: Yeah, this techno music is named after a famous "Starfox 64" line.

    Let the Games Begin: A mixture of soundtrack and electronic. Sadly, this song is for me only (at least for now).

    The Temple of Water: One of the six dungeon/temple themed music. Each one represents an element. This one, for example, is water.

    There's No Escape, Or is There?: An espionage kind of soundtrack where you get caught, yet try to escape.

    Mechanical Battlefield: Another epic soundtrack made by me. Because I have plans for this song in LBP3, I decided to make this music only for me (at least for now).

    Call of the Mighty Warrior: Think of this as the sequel to "The Cape of Courage".

    Twenty of the music can yours to collect, as long as you credit me if you want to include them in your level. For greater sound quality, put on headphones. See you in LBP3.


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