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    Default Adjusting motors/pistons/hinges...

    I thought I'd share some information about,
    How to adjust the angles/length options when using 'multiply connected motors/pistons/hinges'.
    And how to avoid the nasty glitch tilts.

    For this tutorial I will be using, 1 rotate motor, 1 piston, 1 hinge, and 1 square object (used to see movement).

    First I will explain how to multiply connect (spiderweb) the motor, piston, and hinge to an object.

    -1- First place a motor: Press circle bringing up pop-it menu, press down to 'tools bag', press X then R1, gadgets page, press down into 'motors' and right to highlight 'rotate motor', press X.

    -2- Your motor will be on a 'grid'. Press X again to place. Once placed the 'connection to' will be automatically in your 'lasso'. If you move it around it will look like a pin attached to a dotted line ,red unconnected or unconnectable, white connectable.
    Pressing triangle will put the pin away.

    Now repeat steps 1 and 2, and select the piston and hinge (found next to the rotate motor).
    For the tutorial, I placed each side by side with a gap between (just selected and placed no adjusting)
    Next to the hinge with the same gap as between the other "motors", I place a simple square object (bigger than the size of the 'motors'). So, I had a line. 1 rotate motor, 1 piston, 1 hinge, and 1 square object.

    Now using your popit cursor (lasso) hover over the 'rotate motor'. You will notice a blue dot, If you hover over the bluedot it changes to white, pressing X while it is white will access the 'pin with dotted line'.

    Take the pin for the 'rotate motor' and bring it over to the 'piston', the line will turn white (doesnt matter about exact placement automatic adjustment happens) now press X. you will notice a solid white line appears as the connection.
    Now take the 'pin' from the piston and place it on the hinge. Then take the 'pin' from the hinge and place it on the square object. Great, You have successfully completed a spiderweb of movements.

    Now You can test with 'live mode', pressing Up on the D-pad. If you want to have your connection lines visible (the white lines) just test while using your 'popit cursor'. Testing without popit cursor will hide connection lines.

    Now that you have multiple "motors" connected, lets say you want to adjust the angles and options.

    When you try to adjust and manipulate the options of a spideweb connected "motor" the nasty tilt glitch easily happens.
    -The object and all the 'motors' connected will tilt and resize at a weird angle.-
    This happens alot when adjusting angles.

    To avoid the tilt from happening (it can destroy a build within a second).
    You will first have to un-pin the one/s you want to adjust (both sides, the connection from and the connection to). Just hover over the 'pin' with your popit cursor (lasso), the pin will be highlighted within purple. Press X will pick up the pin, then press triangle putting it away. If you are adjusting a large multiple group I would advise making a copy and placing it beside as connection refrence. Before unconnecting pins. Once you adjusting is done, just re-pin the connections and test again.
    Yes it might seem like a long way, but its the safest.


    What I talked about:
    1. How to place "motors"
    2. How to pin/un-pin multiple connected motors/pistons/hinges
    3. How to avoid a build destroying glitch.


    Hope this helps someone.

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