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    Default Frozen Ruins (normal or move)

    Hi everyone !
    After a LOT of work on it, here I come with my new level :

    FROZEN RUINS (normal or move)

    1 Player Recommended
    Plateform / Puzzle / Exploration level
    French - English - Spanish

    "Somewhere in Northern Europe, a group of archealogists is looking for a vestige of Nordic civilization. But their journey is not going to be without surprises..."

    You can play this level with normal controller, or with a PS move (=> 2 versions of this level, with different gameplay and way...)

    Also, there is a save/load system on this level (advancement, score, found secrets...). So you can quit at a save point and come back finish it later

    I hope Tomb raider and/or Zelda and/or Lost 's fans will like all references

    I hope you will like playing it as much as I liked create it ^^
    See you soon on LBP3


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    I have to say, I really enjoyed playing this. You have clearly put a ton of effort into the story, puzzles and environment. It paid off too because it felt like a truly rounded experience playing it. I also enjoyed all the extra touches, like the save mechanism, the outlines around the jellyfish showing their attack radius and so. You went the extra mile on so many things. Well done.

    I do hope this gets the plays it deserves

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    Hi !

    It's a pleasure for me you enjoyed my level And yeah, I'm glad you notice I worked a lot on this level... I started it like 2 years ago, and I always add/change/fix parts on it.

    Thanks a lot for comment, you had ever be nice with me/my levels
    And thanks for the spotlight ! It's like an honnor for me...

    See you in LBP3

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    I also was very impressed with this, although I did thing a few sections were tuned a little too hard. Seeing that you worked on it for so long it makes sense why it got a bit tricky.

    The part with the jelly fish and lifting the ball is a good example of this. It's not stupidly hard, but I did think that the way to go first was toward the secret section.

    Having not really seen that the balls were needed to unlock areas, I wasn't really sure what to do. Lifting a ball onto a pedestal to unlock a door before this section would help with identifying what I should be keeping an eye out for.

    The mine cart bit was also pretty tricky, I think that the dropping bells can not really be cleared without trial and error. There isn't enough breathing space for pure reflexes to get you through the section.

    So you basically just have to die a few times and memorise the path through.

    The end boss was really well done, it's clear that all the logic an mechanics works solidly and it suits the area and is a nice challenge without resorting to cheap deaths. I did think that the smoke haze, showing where the lightning would hit was a nice touch, but could have been a tad more obvious, it was tricky to see what was going on the first time it happened.

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