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    Default LBP 2 List music for plateformer

    Hi everybody, and today I need you to help me to find music to my level,I search specially type of music, when i found a music gallery ==> it's always techno or electro... I'm fed up ^^ I seach music peacefull, or friendly like the DC comic pack or Toy story ==> Music wich, when we heard it, we think it's a plateformer, and no a techno music BOUM BOUM BOUM.. (best imitation ever...)
    If you have any list with gallery music which correspond to my descpription plz tell me !! And tell me too if you dont understand what i search

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    Well, although i do make electronic sequencers as well, i have a lot of acoustic music in my gallery too. The link is in my signature. I'm also in the progress of updating my gallery with more songs which takes some time, i need to do stuff such as creating text for use in the gallery, which will take some time, but there's plenty of songs already, about 18 i think.
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    Hi The-RraptorR,

    I'm also known for my non techno or non electro music! For a little overview you could visit my youtube channel, here are three examples out of my published levels

    I have lots of unpublished songs, too! 18 finished songs in my "Do you fear Death?" level, which probably will be published in LBP3, and I have about 20 songs (piano versions) which will be published in my fourth music gallery level. So if you're interested, I could invite you to visit me on my moon. (Under the condition that my PS3 doesn't break till then! I have some loading problems which also seem to have effects on the inviting and joining online)

    Many greetings, Jürgen^^

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    If you need non-electro music then I also strongly recommend CuriousSack's songs from his amazing galleries! But I've also made non-electronic songs, too. Lots of them.

    I have mostly piano remakes from game soundtracks but I also have lots of other songs with more instruments in my moon and my Project Level. If you want, you can check them with me if you have time.

    Or you could also take a look for my Castlevania Music Gallery Castle and try to get the songs from that level, but, like some people have said, it's ultimately hard to get them from that level.

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