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    Default The Clock Repairer (LBP2 version)

    Hi everyone! Here my last job on LBP2! The level is the reboot of my LBP Vita level, with its old stuff and a lot of new stuff!
    The genere is a mix between a Point&Click and a Platformer. The adventure starts with a broken cuckoo clock; and a little imp, The Clock Repairer, has to fix it! Puzzles and agility trials await you!

    Because many things depend on the popit colour, for a better experience I recommend green, blue/light blue or white popit.

    I hope you enjoy!

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    Looks interesting, I'll queue it and play it when I can. When I've finished I'll leave you some honest feedback.


    Well, this level was truly amazing! The platformer aspect to it was pretty fun, but the 'magic' feature is what I really loved. The attention to detail in EVERYTHING was amazing! The way that the further away the cursor floats the dimmer the animation becomes, the attention to detail on the characters and the design was also great. Well done on this masterpiece, I'm not sure what others would think but I personally feel it's **** near Team Pick standards, if not spot on!

    5/5 - temple1997
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    I'm simply nothing more than another passerby on your level, post or whatever other needs meet. But, if you ever need helping with creating anything, just drop me a message!

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    Thank you very much mate! Beautiful words like yours repay me up for all the efforts! I'm really glad you liked the little details, I find that they are a very important component in a game.

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    Very cool level. I agree with a lot of what temple1997 says in his review (yes, lazy, I know xD). Nice attention to detail, cool puzzles and excellent visuals. I liked the way you refused to hold the player's hand through the puzzles. I really enjoyed the challenge. The one place where I felt that perhaps a little bit more direction would have been helpful was the puzzle with the rotating dots. I spotted (no pun intended) what I was supposed to do but when I did it there was no indication that I had done the right thing (unless I missed it was late at night). No noise or lighting effect to show I had solved it. This made me think I had got it wrong somehow and tried a lot of variations with no success. It was only later that I realised my first effort had been correct and that I needed to go outside the immediate puzzle area to verify it (sorry for the convoluted wording but I'm trying to avoid spoilers for others).

    Anyway, that's a small criticism and others may have breezed through. Great level. Thank you!

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    Thank you very much Shropshirelass! And thank you for your smart criticism, I appreciate it! I'll put for sure some indication/suggestion in that part! In my "defense" , I can only say this: that section should not show immediately the correct solution, as it is a kind of password that must be confirmed with the appropriate button in the cogs area; only then you get the confirmation! Anyway, I repeat: You have made a good point, and I'll follow your advice!

    P.S.:I take this opportunity to tell everyone that you do not have to play my level in LBP3, because it does not work properly.

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    I agree with shrop about this puzzle. I saw the dots, and tried to line up the correct order, but the rotations seemed off and as there was no feedback I got stuck with no real idea of where to go.

    it didn't feel like the puzzle was to hard it was more like... Well... I'm pretty sure that's right... But... Ummm?
    Some slight indication here as well as when you highlight objects would add a really nice layer of polish. As it stands, you zip your cursor about clicking on things, but again... There is no real feedback if you are hovering over something that can be interacted with.

    Also, the choice of where the spawn gates seemed a little off, for example in the section where you jump on to the moving platform with the grabinators on it, if you die, you have to trigger the spring board again.

    Not a huge hassle really, but because I have already gotten past this part and felt like I was onto the next challenge (the platform), having to redo it was frustrating because they feel like two different sections. So having to re complete a section just to get back to the section I died in, and then dying again makes me wish the spawn gat was on top of the sping board section.

    In the section where you spin a cog to raise the floor to make 3 steps, the first step is the same heigh as the platform on the layer behind, but you can jump on to it. Making it a bit higher would help with communicating what to do in that section a bit more, because I did try and jump up on to the platform, knowing that I should be able to make it, but am blocked by an invisible wall.

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