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    Default LBP3 links: Sites/Youtube (anything)

    As most people know, I'm putting together a LBP3 Directory similar to the one I did for LBP2. Whilst I will be mainly sourcing this forum and Youtube, I would still like any tutorials from any other LBP site. I used to have links to them all but lost them, or the link I have no longer works. I have LBPlanetarium at the moment but no others. So could people post links for 'active' LBP communities or Youtube channels (containing or planning on containing tutorials) so that I can search them regularly and keep my Directory bang up to date.

    Feel free to self promote IF you intend to keep those tutorials on your site or Youtube channel. It would also be helpful if, after posting the links here, you could also post links directly to the ACTUAL tutorial here:

    Introducing: The LBP3 Tutorial Directory

    Also in my sig for easy access.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Here is an overview of LBP related sites / youtube channels / twitter etc:

    Will add some info about LBP3 on the wiki later, first have to play the EU version the next days ^^ LittleBigPlanet news, statistics, signatures, music, wiki and more...

  3. Thanks!

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