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    Default The M-Scanner Mini-Game (1 player)

    Hey all, I hope you have fun in this mini-game. The idea came to me awile before LBP3 came out so I've been hyped to make it and here it is. If you get a score of 200, then you can further test your skills in the Insane Mode far will you get?

    The objective is to basicly press the right button on your remote (X, Square, Triangle, or Circle) that is missing from the board. Shown in the 3rd pic below is the missing button you'll need to press to pass through it, so in the pic you'd need to press Circle in this case, to pass on and gain a point.


    (1 Player only.) Use the M-Scanner to scan the button boards. There appears to be a bug in the system and buttons are missing from the button boards, the M-Scanner will report these problems to the workers and they will fix them. Try not to damage the M-Scanner by missing the holes, it's a very expensive piece of equipment from Nite City.

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    Awesome yo. I hope you have fun!

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    I just updated it. When your health is low, an alarm will go off for 5 seconds and you'll turn red As well as adding 2 LBP3 soundtracks to the scoreboard, the 2 soundtracks are rare, you need 4 players to get one of the soundtracks and the other is if you Ace the very last boss fight so you're welcome

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