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    Default [LBP2] Two Heads Are Better Than One! [2 players only]

    You have probably heard that two heads are better than one. Well, whoever said that wasn't certainly meaning two heads in the same body! Go grab a younger sibbling or a friend, but make sure it's someone who you don't care about much. This, ladies and gents, wrecks friendships faster than any board game ever dreamt to do. THIS LEVEL IS STRICTLY 2 PLAYER ONLY (LOCAL OR ONLINE).

    Since most people can't find another player easily, I will most likely update it to be playble with one player, probably using both sticks. But should be noted it was originally created for 2 players

    Also, I was in a rush to publish it this weekend, so there aren't pics yet.
    Thanks for your understanding!
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    That sounds hilarious! I'll surely try it sometime!

    I discovered how the Toggle Glitch Costume works. Come on over!

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