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    Default Cube Frenzy (Survival Challenge)

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    A true Survival Challenge

    Back in the early days of LBP1, Survival Challenges were an uprising subgenre: procedurally built challenges, where one single mistake could end your dream combo and let you start all over - oh well, just one more try!

    There's nothing I love more than a good survival challenge. The thrill of hunting for the global highscore, of keeping that combo going, constantly laughing at the many dangers that lurk around every corner.

    Cube Frenzy is just that. Cubes drop from the sky, only to start sinking into the deadly swamp below seconds later. The only way to survive is to jump from cube to cube and perform risky stunts to stay afloat.

    Landing on cubes gives you some points, and doing so in rapid succession inreases your multiplier, like in the good old days. There's special cubes as well - one-use jump-pads, dangerous plasma emitters (that are worth a whole lot of points if you manage to land on them in time!), only to name a few.

    It's a highly competitive minigame (so slapping each other into certain doom is totally ok!). The leaderboards range from ~300 to ~120'000 points right now (got a x15 combo going!), but that's far from unachievable. It's all about staying in the flow, lightning-fast reflexes, a keen tactical eye and a bit of luck.

    Well, that's Cube Frenzy in a nutshell! Please give it a try if you enjoy survival challenges that are easy to learn and hard to master. And don't forget to brag about your score! I'll also do F4F whenever I find the time, just can't promise it in a timely manner because of limited time resources. I'll do my best though!

    Here's the link:

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    You forgot link. Here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by smash909 View Post
    You forgot link. Here:
    Thanks for pointing it out Yes, I was so busy inserting pictures that I actually forgot it!

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    I shall add it to me queue, I shall.

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