So I was making a futuristic map for a contest entry on Reddit, and a made this neat little item. I play a lot of Borderlands on the PS3 and thought it would be cool if I could re-make the abilities the sirens have, so here it is. It's a pulsating purple bubble that sticks to you. When you push R1, it will activate phase-lock, placing you in a stasis. It holds you in place, and your character's opacity slow drops and allows objects to pass though you, making you immune to all dangers. Pushing the R2 and L2 will make you phase shift in that direction, giving you a short dash of speed and let's you run though the air and pass though objects. And of course it has some awesome sound effects. I already made this, and I give it away at the end of the level I submitted (I'll post the link on the bottom). The reason I wanted to tell you guys is because I have no idea what to do with it, and you guys are a lot more creative than me, so you can take it and make a map out of it if you want! (Give credit if you do plz)