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    Default [LBP3] The Demon King's rize

    Hello everyone, pleasure to be here. This is my first time posting a level here, better yet... posting a level I deem playable by the community in general, I'm very picky and not at the same time with my work(pickception) :b Anyhows, on to the info.

    I've been writing a story for quite some time now. I'm still in the "creating the universe" phase of it though. So I decided to use LBP as a tool to bring to life some of my characters and background info. Like for August here, the M.C. in my level is actually not the M.C. of my story :O Let me not bore you guys with this stuff.

    Level description:

    Basically this is a demo level to see if people like it.

    It uses a sackboy which cast spells if you use the correct marks(sigils) i.e. if you draw a red sigil and a blue sigil you'll get a fireball spell. You can see this in my trailer The other tech in my level is the A.I. bot you need to defeat. He is very "alive" and somewhat aware of his surroundings, He'll patrol a certain area and if he sees the player he'll attack. He can only see you if he's facing your direction however. Like he'll need to actually LOOK at you to detect you.

    This is all thanks to my my good friend ice4life14 and comphermc for all his most amazing videos, I honestly wouldn't be me without them.
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