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    I know this level is about a month old, but the site was down, and I really wanted to post it here considering its my favorite fansite! Glad to see everything back up and running.

    New video walkthrough!

    My first littlebigplanet 3 level, and hopefully not my last.

    This is a puzzle platformer inspired by the flash game, "This is the only level". This was originally intended to be my last littlebigplanet 2 level, but I stopped because I felt that I could make it much better in littlebigplanet 3. The basic concept is that there is really only one small level, but you have to complete it in 30 different ways. The level can be very long depending on how quickly you solve puzzles, but your stage progress will save. Have fun!

    Note: There is a really annoying bug that apparently only happens after publishing. Sometimes, stages 15 and 30 will just fail to load entirely. I have tried everything, including emitting the entire stages separately when you get there, but nothing works. If this happens to you, replay the level. Your progress will be saved, so don't worry about restarting.
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    I played this one a short while back, and it was pretty awesome, and a lot of fun. I definitely give this one a recommendation.
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    Added a video walkthrough. You can use it if you get stuck or if you just want to know what was going on in my head while making this.

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    Walkthrough is for the weak!


  5. Thanks!

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    Played this the other day (late to the party, I know). Very well made. I got stuck and frustrated on one of the stages (a sign of a good puzzler!), but I might come back to it one day. I take it this was inspired by that "only one level game" with the elephant? I spent plenty of time playing that in the past when I should've been working.
    Incidently, that game inspired one of the stages in my Contrast LBP2 level (a shameless ripoff of Shift), though I don't think many people bothered playing that far, think it was stage 25/30 or something. There was another stage in my level that was inspired by another well known flash game. Someone other guy/girl created a level based on that game in LBP2, and ALSO got a Team/MM pick, like you. I forget the name of the level, but it's that game where you move the pieces of the level around..... I think it's called Continuity or something. The logic it took me to combine that with Shift took me days to figure out, weeks even.

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