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    Default [1P] Asylum: The Wandering Shadows

    Hello there, avid creators!

    I wanted to share my level with this community but for a long while it looked like that wouldn't be possible...
    But here we are! Up and at 'em, ready to take on whatever the day has to throw at us! And I admire our persistence.

    Anyhow, back on topic, I very much appreciated the praise and criticism I received last time I posted a level here (it's been some time) and I wanted to see what the community thought of a new level that's taken me a very long time to finish.

    You are the hero of this story, your back story is obscure and your intentions are as mysterious as the asylum you've been called to by haunting voices... if you're not scared yet then you are a braver person than I!

    One player only, so tell your friends they may need to sit this one out.

    Asylum: The Wandering Shadows

    More iron than man.
    Care for a scare?

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    I don't know man, that last one you did gave me nightmares for a week. I have a fear of ships now! Now I suppose you're going to make me afraid of asylums too! I guess there will be no more visiting old abandoned asylums. Queued.

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    Looks great! Queued.

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    I enjoyed looking at this level a lot. Good lighting and scenery, really set the mood. Couldn't find the key to that locked door but will try again later

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    Very dark and spooky! I didn't like it quite as much as Ghost Ship for a number of reasons though. The cameras were the true monsters here. Not a one of them focused on where I needed to go, and they always ended up drifting past the walls where I could see the dead space I wasn't meant to look at. The top down was effective, but would have been better if everything was in proportion. There were monstrously large chairs and tables, but sack-folk sized doors. And if your char is larger than a door, then perhaps you should buy a different brand.

    It was decently spooky, but mostly uneventful, and way more linear that it would have you believe. The shadowy people brought back my "sackfolk are not scary" mantra. My first run through, I encounted a small glitch. The key to the first door did not spawn correctly, despite me checking its location several times over. I found it my second playthough, but it was incredibly small, and you couldn't find it with the flashlight on.

    A question though: Is there ever a moment you DON'T want the flashlight on? If so, why not make your own flashlight with a toggle switch, so I don't have to spend the entire 20-30 minutes of this level holding down the "I want to see where I'm going and not die" button. I also thought the monster appearances got a bit predictable. Dead-end hallway? Shine the light behind you, because one's definitely coming.

    I did die twice in my journey. Once, because I was fumbling to take a picture when a monster came running up to bite my gams (yes those gams of mine are back) off, and another because my fingers were very tired of holding R1 and I needed a break. So it's an easy level, decently scary, nice atmosphere, but it never really came alive. And the cameras are bad. And the flashlight is awful.
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