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    Default Kitchen Runner 2

    LBPCentral is back !!! Also Sackie is back in a new kitchen. In this new adventure, there is much to do. Sackie must go through a cake area, a stove area, a sink area, walking past a dangerous cat ....... to the dining area, there are many fun details. Have fun with your friends or alone.

    I have built over 2 months with the new tools at my 1st LBP3 level and had a lot of fun .... Hope you like it

    You want to see pictures? ... Then you see the trailer.

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    Had fun playing it! Nice Level using the new LBP3 features in a good way and with a lot of attention on details, animations and sound effects.

    Sometimes the screen just felt a little bit too overloaded so i didn't really see the way i was supposed to go or the jumppad i was supposed to hop on. Maybe you could have always used the same decoration for a jump pad.

    But all in all it's a great LBP3 level. liked and hearted.

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    Thanks for playing, Shaggy

    You need only follow the score bubbles, then you know the way. Actually simple

    I wanted variety.... the same decoration is the wrong way

    glad you like it

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    Awesome level Fabfio! This was the very first lbp 3 community level I played after I bought the game 2 weeks ago. I enjoyed Kitchen Runner so much and Kitchen Runner 2 is even better. The new lbp 3 features are very fun to play with. You did a good job!

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    Hi Greensmurfy. I'm glad that you like my new kitchen. With the new tools and features in LBP3, finally is much possible.

    ... thanks for playing

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    Already queued it! This will be alot of fun than the original one!

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    Hi Fabio,

    your "Kitchen Runner 2" is a wonderful level and even better than your LBP2 version. I totally enjoyed the scenery with all its details, I'm still astonished, what one can do with all the new features, and about the sheer endless possibilities by using all the stickers, deco and objects in your skillfull way!
    Thanks a lot, my dear friend, and many greetings, Jürgen^^

  10. Thanks!

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