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    Default Pyramid Plundering (Top-Down-Platformer)

    Pyramid Plundering [Top-Down-Platformer] link

    Hey everybody, and welcome back LBPC!

    I´d like to present you my new level! It is (as always) a platformer, but this time, a top-down-platformer. At the beginning I tried to use a logic like SBG did (in the story level), but I had big problems with the respawning-system, so I decided to use (my new best friend in create mode,) the broadcast-chip! sadly theres a little problem with that, if you play the level with more than 1 player you´ll realise, that only one player is "on the ground", the others are floating a bit, thats due to the layer-system of lbp (even when all players are on the same layer, they will not be on exactly the same layer, they ll stand a bit "displaced" so they don´t stand in each other).

    Anyway, sack´s quest in this level is to find as much gold as he can, while venturing into the pyramid. There are also 6 (hidden) gemstones in this level, if you find all of them you´ll get access to the treasure chamber, which includes the top-down-logic (as a prize-bubble) I used.
    Some puzzles might be a bit tricky the first time you play it, as a little help I added a hint-system: If you hold L1, some important objects or paths get highlighted.
    I hope you enjoy!

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    Yay nice to see another great level semi!



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    Got to play this level yesterday, it was amazing! At first the rooms seemed a bit plain, but as soon as I got into the actual level, both gameplay and graphics were ridiculoulsy good and creative.

    In the part with the rotating wheel you have to grab I didn't figure out you had to actually grab it (kept trying to jump over the logs until I looked at the hints) and I lost like 20 minutes dying over and over again lol

    The lava fits so very well, and the puzzles feel smart and just challenging enough. I missed one gem though

    Overall, an excellent level, worthy of a team pick imo. Great job!

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    A beautiful level, great lighting and details! It took a while to get used to the top-down view since sometimes the foreground objects obscure the view. I was doing alright until the section with the rotating beams, I tried grabbing them but it didn't seem to work. I feel unworthy of commenting on a level from such a well-known creator who does great work, but I had issues with the player-following cameras in that section. As soon as I jumped, the camera moved and I could not land the jump. I had to quit at that part. I think I lost over 10000 points and spent about 20 minutes there. I was sad because I really wanted to finish the level1

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    Great stuff here! It was very fun and challenging. I liked the top down perspective, and I enjoyed the puzzles you've put together. I was curious about the pedastal at the end with the slots around it. But looking back I'm guessing I missed a few colored gems. Oh well! I greatly enjoyed it.
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    Looks awesome! I have to play this ! Queued =3

    Check out my youtube channel! Sakura Sachiko ^^ Content that ranges from platformer games and MMOs!

    Have a great day!

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    The video helped a lot, you have to grab the very end of the rotating beam and not anywhere else.

    The level was freaking awesome, reminds me of the Blades of Hades section from God of War! I got through this time! As I said in the level review, the fact that the Pancake phone game has a Team Pick and this one does not is an outrage!!!
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    Nicely done, congrats on the team pick too!

    I thought the layout and set up was really sharp, and over all a great play.

    The controls felt a tad to mushy for some of the more complex section (like the rotating death pits) and the sack person gets a bit upset near the wall and holding down in some sections actually reverted to front facing.

    I think this is one of those evolution things though, as more and more ideas for top down broadcast come along. You've certainly done a great job in showing more gameplay possibilities in using this mechanic, the jump down to the worm hole was particularly impressive.

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