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    Default Gravity (A retro platformer adventure)

    Gravity: A Retro Platformer Adventure

    Back in Littlebigplanet 2, I published a level called "Force of Attraction". It was a retro style platformer heavily inspired by the indie game "VVVVVV", which involved "flipping" between the floor and the ceiling to progress through the level. I always wanted to make a sequel to it but never really got around to it, and my plans for that level were way too big. Now in LBP3, I have a bit more experience creating, and will also have a much easier time creating this with the new tools.

    There were two big problems with the previous level, 1st off, the controls were pretty wonky. I have made them much tighter than they were before, so you wont feel like sackboy is flying forward when you barely press the control stick. Secondly, the level was too hard for most people, in an unfair way. I'm balancing the difficulty out much more in this one. The whole level wont be a cakewalk, but there will be more room for error and the level design will feel much more fair. No more having to dodge spikes at the last second, dying, and being sent back to a checkpoint a bit further back.

    Gravity is a 2D platformer adventure level with 5 levels planned, 6 if you count the hub world. Each level will be based around a specific gimmick. For example there will be a level where touching a laser will reverse your gravity, and even a level where you will walk on walls instead of the floor and ceiling. The adventure will once again be very similar to "VVVVVV", however I am doing my best to not simply copy that game. It is more of Littlebigplanet meets VVVVVV, instead of simply remaking the game in littlebigplanet.

    Storyline wise, I haven't completely set it up yet, but the basic concept is that sackboy has become trapped inside of a video game and is given main character status. The only way he can get back home is to complete the game. The adventure will have lots of humor in it, similar to my previous level "Level One", including breaking the 4th wall, where characters may directly refer to the player or possibly other games. I want you guys to laugh while playing, and you're constantly reminded that its just a game and you should be having fun!

    As for replay value, there will be collectibles hidden in every level including the hub world, and I will have a few achievements you can collect. Also the faster your time finishing a level, the better your score, for people that like competing on scoreboards.

    Here are a few early screenshots and gifs from the tutorial level which is nearly done. I'm not very good at visuals, but I'm trying my best to keep a very retro look.

    I'll gradually give updates on my progress as this thread goes on.
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    I played your LBP2 level and had a blast

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    Cool! This reminds me of vvvvvv even though the play-style looks like it differs
    Figured since reporting this on multiple occasions didn't work, I'll just spread it like the plague

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    Quote Originally Posted by amiel445566 View Post
    Cool! This reminds me of vvvvvv even though the play-style looks like it differs
    Thanks! Play style wise its pretty similar. Just imagine the game with littlebigplanet physics. The game moves slower a lot slower, but other than that its very similar. Even the rooms are named. However I do have some tricks up my sleeve that differ from actual game.

    Right now I'm making a ranking system which will be based on your score. At the end of each level except the hub world, you will get a C, B, A, or G rank depending on how well you do. The score is based on a few factors, but heres the short version. There are three different things that will improve your score. Time, number of deaths, and number of collectibles. So if you want to aim for the G rank, complete the level as fast as you can, while collecting everything, while trying not to die.

    Edit: Here is a very early screenshot of the ranking screen. The meter below deaths will fill up depending on how much score you have. If you fill up the meter, you will get a G rank. Also Sackboy will have a different animation depending on what rank you get. He gets way more ecstatic if you get a G rank, but not so much if you get a C rank.
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    I've done quite a bit in the past week, even though I took a big break and replayed some of the metal gear games.

    First off, the ranking system is done and I love it!

    There is a different animation that plays for each rank that you get. I'm still trying to learn how the animation tweakers work, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.

    I also started working on the HUB world and its coming along pretty nicely. I made a really ghetto map using google sheets beforehand, and its saving me a lot of time. Instead of just creating randomly I already know where everything should be, I just need to throw obstacles in. Right now, its planned to be around 50 rooms. Maybe thats too big? So far, I've made about half of it, and surprisingly it doesn't take long to get to key points on the map. Plus, there are teleporters scattered around on the edges of the map, and one in the center. They are located next to each level entrance, so once you find them you should be able to save a lot of time.

    I'll leave off with a few more teaser pictures of the hub world. I posted them on my twitter already but it doesn't hurt to spread them around.

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    Its been a while, but this project is still alive. Metal Gear Solid 5 ruined my life for about half a month and I actually kind of want to go back and play it again now... BUT I've been working on this level again.

    The Hub world is pretty much done. I just have to come back to it later and add adventure/quest logic once all the other levels are finished. The HUB world is about 50 screens large. I'm still worried that it's a bit too big, but I think I've streamlined it enough to make navigating easier. Still wondering if theres a way I could add a map, but I'll worry about that later. I'm really proud of it either way. It's not simply a place to return to after you complete another level to select another one. It's an entire level itself, except its not linear like the others. There are a few secrets to find, and after you complete other levels, you may notice a few new things added, and characters will have new things to say to you.

    I've started on another level outside the tutorial and HUB world, and I've made a LOT of progress on it so far. I thought it would be hard to design a level based off of just one gimmick, but its really not so bad. So far, this level is already bigger than the tutorial, and I've spent less time on it. This is a pretty good sign. I've also been experimenting with this level a bit in terms of progression. So far I have added two secrets, but they aren't simply just secrets. They're also alternate passageways. Sometimes you will completely skip an obstacle or two if you find them, so they are pretty rewarding. I'm not sure if this trend will continue in the remaining 3 levels, but I'm really liking the way I implemented them here. Heres a small tease of things to come.

    Still, I'm a bit worried that I might drop this project, but I'm more confident than I was before that I will finish it after taking a break. I'm going to sound pretty arrogant here, but I really think this will be one of the most ambitious adventure levels on LBP3 so far. There aren't that many adventure levels out there, and there are even fewer of them that are very well polished. This adventure will have lots of content and replay value, which I think is really going to push it to be in that top percentage of adventure levels. Its not the best looking thing in the world, but the gameplay should hook everyone in.

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    Well, a lot of progress has been made since my last update. Unfortunately, Metal Gear Online came out on October 6th, and progress on the level slowed down yet again. However, Three out of four zones are done now.

    I've finished Laser Labyrinth, Wacky Wall, and Virtual Vertigo Zones since the last update. I'm really proud of my progress on these. Tricky Tower Zone is the last one I need to finish. This zone may be a bit trickier to make, due to the mechanics of the level, but its actually going to be the shortest stage, so it shouldn't take too long. I promise not to rush it though (like I rushed Virtual Vertigo).

    So far, Wacky Wall zone and Laser Labyrinth are my favorites. The stages are based on one gimmick, but I was able to do so many things with just a simple gimmick. The levels are much longer than the tutorial and flow together really well. The shinies are also hidden pretty well, and I don't expect people to find them all on their first playthrough. Virtual Vertigo I'm a bit disappointed in. The logic behind the level made it very painful to create, and I couldn't do as much as I wanted to with it. I don't think its bad, but it doesn't compare to the other two stages in my opinion.

    After I'm done with Tricky Tower Zone, all I need to do is add adventure logic to all the levels, polish it up a bit, try to eliminate lag, and test the level extensively. Its almost here guys. Unlike previous projects I'm actually going to finish this one. Brace yourselves, its gonna be pretty good. You're gonna have an hour of playtime from this adventure at the very least. Again, Metal Gear Online slowed this project down, but its still going to most likely be finished by the end of this month. I'm getting pretty excited that I'm almost done with this. It's been a long journey.

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    Right now, the level is pretty much done! Just going through the testing phases now. I've already got 2 testers (3 testers if you include myself), and I'm just going through making sure everything works correctly. I haven't worked with quests before, so I'm making sure everything works correctly. I should be publishing the level within 5 days or so. Can't wait!

    If you're interested in playing the level early and/or helping test the level, send me a message on PSN.

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    Bloody hell O_O Beautiful levels!

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    Alright this is most likely the last post I will be making in this thread.

    Here is the level trailer! I will be publishing within a few days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DreJ1212 View Post
    Alright this is most likely the last post I will be making in this thread.

    Here is the level trailer! I will be publishing within a few days.
    This is looking fantastic man.

    Would you want to join in my LBP Zombies Project? Would love another creative mind on it with me.

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    I only can agree with Noxul, this is really looking fantastic!

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