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    Default The LittleBigGazette: we listen to you !

    The interviews of the LittleBigGazette

    Hello, LittleBigPlanet Central !

    I am Elfiooh, one of the 6 writers of a french magazine named "LittleBigGazette". But what is this ? Well this is a magazine about LittleBigPlanet and our forum "LittleBigPlanet-France". You will find in there news, interviews, level picks, creation tricks, etc... and things about LBP-France !

    You can check it out (in French) just right here !

    Sure, we don't translate the whole gazette, but only some interviews that StevenI published or RT on Twitter (thank you !!)
    I come here to know if some good creators would like to be interviewed about themselves or about one of their levels for the next edition which will be published on the 1st of October. Some creators like se-mi92, mpggsmpggs, Adel22, scarybiscuit, DragonFly2500, Enigma_0123 but also unknown creators who make really good levels or adventures !!

    Then, we will translate your interview in French for the LBG and we'll publish the English version on Twitter and on the other forums for the whole Community !! Here some interviews :

    Spoiler Spoiler - Level Interview with Felkroth - Treasure Hunter

    Spoiler Spoiler - Level Interview with o-tera - The Red Knight and the Branched Tower

    Spoiler Spoiler - Level Interview with darkavenger_13 - THE ORIGINS OF: the life of a lightbulb...

    So ? Any volunteers ? (contact me by PM or on this thread)

    (sorry for the eventual mistakes in English ^^)
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