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    Default Little Big 3D Camera

    Myself and @Ariana have managed to create a fully rotatable 3D camera in LBP3. The level where you can obtain the 3D camera has been published for a while and you can find it here

    There are some tips and tricks to help you create with this 3D camera which are

    Level Restriction -
    Due to the nature of this 3D camera, in order to get it to work you need to be in the level above (Just copy it from my earth to your moon to edit) as the camera will not work in any other level

    Logic -
    As of now, In/Out movement does not work with both the normal and the advanced in/Out movers. If you wish to add in layer movement to your levels for things such as jumping/ movement you will have to use followers until we have been able to fix the problem causing the In/Out movement. Apart from this all other logic should work as normal, if you encounter any problems then just reply to this thread and ill take a look at if for you.

    Multiplayer -
    YES! this camera works with more than one sackperson! If you wish to create a multiplayer level using this 3D camera make sure that you have it set to a VS level in order for the game to know that its for more than 1 player with the cameras, then its as simple as adding the camera to a microchip (See Below) and hey presto, you have a multiplayer game in 3D. If players get to close to each other in a 3D game then the game camera zones will glitch and cause the camera to glitch out in some funny angles so its best to try and keep the players apart in your game to avoid this issue until we have addressed the bug causing this (We have a short term solution for this and will update once we have it fully working)

    Camera -
    The camera will only work if you use it in the level provided and cannot be copied to other levels and work. If you wish to have more than one camera in your level just copy the one that comes with the level for ease of use rather than making a fresh one.
    The camera must be placed on the controlinator that is going to be used by the player in order for it to work, If you do not place it on the controller then it may not function correctly and you will have to move it to a controller to work as you would like it to.
    The camera has a local space option set to on. This allows it to rotate a full 360 Degrees without problems making it a really useful tool for creating 3D horror/space levels of your choosing just get building.

    Here is a youtube video of the camera being used in different test situations

    Many creators out there have been making 3D levels for a while and now we have this tool they have been able to create some really cool levels with the new Camera. scaryBiscuit has created this awesome 3D shooter and i have been told he has even more in the pipeline so we are looking forward to finding out what he is going to be bringing to craftworld in the future.

    If you are finding it hard to create in the 3D level, you can create your level in a normal level slot, save all of it as an item and then move it to the 3D level so you can just add the 3D camera if this makes it easier for you to create.
    If you are planning on using wobble, motor or any other type of bolt in game and you wish to have them hidden then go to a normal blank level, place a piece of cardboard and place one of each bolt on the cardboard. Going back to the 3D level pull the cardboard with the bolt out and just pull the bolt you need off and place it where you want it to be. You will not be able to copy the bolt so have to pull on you each time you need one which is a pain but again, this is something we are looking into.

    If you have any other problems relating to this camera, level or just a general question then post it below and we shall be sure to get back to you with the fix for your problem if we have it.

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    This looks awesome! I can't wait to start making 3d games with this, like Sonic, Mario, or Zelda.

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    Thats the idea, free to use with whatever you like!

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    Very cool camera and very easy to use once you get your head around the switch in view, just remember to keep testing it all the time as some lights can be unpredictable and sensors can sometimes create strange results, to maximise the amount of detail I would recommend the dynamic thermo, this does reduce the draw distance but with a bit of clever positioning of walls this is resolved.

    Hope this helps, plus only just getting starting on the whole 3D thing so first level does not give full justice of the game changing camera.
    Attend gamesjam lbp3 2014

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    Why can't it work in another level?
    I have one set and everything!

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    Just copy everything in that level and put it in the 3D level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAMARK1 View Post
    Why can't it work in another level?
    I have one set and everything!
    Because it is a specialised level that allows for the camera to become a 3D camera. We may be able to make it work in normal levels but this is unlikely but there is no harm in trying different ways. Like Gurren009 said, just copy everything over and you shouldnt have a problem just remember that some logic will not work with the level transfer such as the In/Out movers. If your level contains these BEFORE you copy it, remove them from the level and just replace them all with followers once you have copied everything into the new level and it should work fine

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