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    Default PersaComp Sack Sized WORKING Personal Computer (LBP2,3,Vita W.I.P)

    I usually work in secret and hardly publish my work, but today I am reaching out to the community and hoping that you all can help me!

    I have been working on this project I started during the end of the LBP2 beta, and recently moved it over to Vita to get familiar with the note tool and because I have trouble running LBP3.

    ANYWAY! On to the topic at hand!

    I am making a REAL and WORKING Personal Computer I have dubbed the PersaComp!

    I have built this from the ground up with a few key features you would find in a real working computer.

    Who says you cant use a college degree in LBP? Because I did! I took my knowledge of game design, computer sciences and information technology to translate the functions of a real computer logic systems to compile a disk based operating system inside of LBP2 which will be moved to LBP3 when it is done for the final touches.

    I need help with suggestions for what needs to be added and or implemented.

    The features it currently contains are as follows:

    -Working Cursor with click interaction used with all parts of the PersaComp

    -System Bootup With Disk Only

    -Working Disk Tray and Disk System Used to Boot PC or Run Applications

    -Working Media Player with music library - Currently Plays chiptunes from different games including Super Mario Bros, Pokemon (Red,Blue,Yellow), etc.

    -Has a (mostly) functioning Trash Can (fills up when folders and icons are placed in it, able to be emptied, and when files are dragged onto it, it turns into an Eject Icon at which point it will open up the PC tray, and remove the program if running and icon from the desktop.)

    -Moveable Program Icons

    -Working Help/System Menu

    -Working Shutdown and Restart Functions

    -Working Art Program

    -Working Level Hub that cycles through levels on screen, clicking on center level will transport the player to that level (currently a 50/50 chance of going to a level)

    Features being Worked On:

    -On Screen Keyboard input.

    -Save Function that will save username, password, & System Data such as cursor and background, even (theme and PersaComp Color(To Be Implemented in LBP3))

    -Game Emulation (It uses the screen from another level I have called The Game Room, which is a real working Game System in LBP2, it currently has 10 games running out of 25)

    -Swappable Cursor/Background

    -D.I.Y: Develop It Yourself! This feature is actually almost done. Im releasing Disks to the community so that you all can develop your own Programs for it! It will be unlocked so you will have access to tutorials, along with the PersaComp example programs to be able to make your own applications, CMC's - Compact Music Chips (What the Chip Tunes Are stored in to play), as well as anything else you all can come up with!

    Please please post any and all feedback below. I really need the input of the community to help me make this the best it can be.

    Edit: Level Out Now

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    Tried it, couldn't get the disk into the tray. Only played one song. Interesting idea though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M_R_Enigma View Post
    Tried it, couldn't get the disk into the tray. Only played one song. Interesting idea though.
    Thank you for trying it out. I can walk you through it if you'd like. It can be somewhat tricky the first time.

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