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    Hello all. It's been a while since I have made a post here. I have a new plane to share. You can find it in this level. Just copy it to your moon, enter the level in create mode, and capture the box with the "Daddy's Girl" Logo on it: P-51 Mustang

    Here is the link to the Operating Manual: P-51D Flight Manual

    Watch this trailer to see what this plane is about!

    This aircraft is an Inglewood-built P-51D-10-NA of the 370th FighterSquadron. Flown by Maj. Ray “X-Ray Eyes” Wetmore, this famous bird scored 23 kills against Luftwaffe planes during World War 2. One of these kills included an ME-163 rocket plane that could fly well over 500 MPH. Wetmore’s Mustang has been painstakingly remodeled in LBP3 to exact detail. It is precisely proportional in length to it’s own wingspan, has the correct shape, internal details, markings, panels, and technical functions as the real P-51 Mustang. This plane is unlike any you have seen before in LBP3.

    LittleBigPlanet™3 (US)_20160223190307.jpg

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