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    Holy smokes this is amazing!!! Is there a semi playable version of this?

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    Wow, I went into your levels and watched the trailer. This is amazing and link to the past is one of my faves, I keep a cib copy of it on top of one of my game shelves.

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    Link ver 24.7

    Improvements on swimming controls & swim sprite.
    Added sound audio for attacking.
    Fixed issue Game over screen not appearing.
    Fixed zoning issue with the player spamming attack button during zone transition.
    Disabled attacking sprites & sound during zoning.
    Fixed text issues not being reset correctly.

    Known Issues:

    Attacking & sustainability issues happening right now with new link version with reg & pro sprites. Unable to publish it yet.
    Extended character binding after zone transition. (Will need to create sequencer reset on every appeared area.)

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    Able to publish the new version of link to the current game.

    It seems to work fine.

    Noticed some small bugs I will address later on probably. This is mostly caused with cheats option & game over screen fixed.

    Such as:

    being able to use potions while having a game over.
    being able to open equip menu while having game over screen.
    being able to move/attack during game over screen.
    being able to earn hearts while in game over screen.
    character movement is locked for a bit after traveling while between areas.

    Hidden Commands:

    While in Equipment Screen you can use these 2 commands. These commands are for me personally to test and reset the game items and to reset the memorizer. However making them public so I can work on Dreams.

    Unlock Items:

    While in Equipment Screen hold all these buttons

    L3, R1,R2,X,O,Triangle

    unlocks the following

    lens of truth
    blue bottle
    blue bottle
    musical item
    all keyitems
    all boss trophies
    Boss key
    Gold Gaunlets
    1 dungeon key. (Repeating the cheat adds 1 key.)
    All music songs

    Delete Memorizor/Delete All items

    While in Equipment Screen hold all these buttons

    L2, R1,R2,X,O,Triangle

    This will reset your PS4/PS4 PRO settings and will likely get you kicked out of the level make to the title screen level.
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